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While much has been written about the bad boy of Korean street food, the french fry coated hot dog, up until today I had yet to try one for myself. This was partly because they are essentially a Seoul beast, and partly because most of my Korean sausage experiences tend to end up the wrong type of “interesting.”

Today, however, whilst on a shopping expedition to Dongdaemun Market, I finally got a chance to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

As the name suggests, the french fry coated hot dog involves taking a regular hot dog frankfurter, rolling it in batter, then drastically jacking up the fat content by covering it in french fries and deep frying the sucker until golden.

The result, I have to admit, was pretty good. The crinkle cut french fries were crispy and well cooked, while the sausage was tasty and of a reasonable quality. The only part I didn’t like was the batter adhesive used to hold the french fries in place – after the crispiness of the fries the batter seemed soggy and bland by comparison.

Not bad for my first Korean Street Food of the decade, and definitely the right type of “interesting!”