Sarah and I just completed the most extensive wandering graze of our lives.

Over the course of 12 hours in Penang, we managed to munch through 12(!) of the West Malaysian Island’s most famous street foods.

We shared most of them and they were small portions, but there’s no denying it – this was hedonistic street-gluttony run amok

Click through to see the full extent of our appetite!

Having spent two full years living and working in Korea, Sarah and I said our last anyang-hi-kye-se-yo on Monday night.

It had its ups and downs, but I can honestly say that milf videos moving to Korea was one of the best things we’ve done with our lives so far.

Just a quick note to say my recent article for 10 magazine about lesbian videos Seoul’s food markets is now online. If you’re interested, you can read it here.

Taco de Mayo chicken taco

Operating from various locations along Itaewon’s main drag, Taco de Mayo is Seoul’s newest and most fun food truck. It’s milf porn also fast becoming my go-to place for satisfying, post-pub street food.

Run by friends Michael and Gee, the truck actually started life serving burgers in Gangnam in December. However, after becoming frustrated with the lack of parking, the pair quickly decided to relocate to Itaewon. There, they felt the large international crowd would be more in tune with their orginal aim: to serve authentic, late-night tacqueria-style Mexican food.

chicken and lamb kebabs beijing

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I can get carried away. I arrive in a new place bursting full of excitement and immediately set off trying to eat as much of the local food as I possibly can. Having spent a huge amount of time researching/obsessing over said food, what usually follows is an impossibly ambitious, argument-provoking exercise in the wasting of valuable holiday time.

I just thought I’d share some photos of the pat bing su stalls I came across in Busan last weekend for anyone with as strong a case of kitchen/catering equipment geekery as I do.

Each stall was kitted out with a wrought-iron ice shaver. The ice shavers were manually powered by a large wheel on one side and worked by rotating a firmly fixed block of ice against the edge of a razor. Each one was painted blue and embossed with birds to give it a really cool steampunk/Victorian feel to it.

If I’m honest, I’ve never really been much of a man’s man. I have no interest in football for example, and not much of a competitive side (except when it comes to bowling.) There are some things, however, that turn me into a grunting, knuckle dragging Neanderthal in a heartbeat. One of these is barbecue meat.

On my last visit to Noryangjin Fish Market I gay videos noticed some interesting street food happenings in the area immediately beside Noryangjin station. Alongside the usual dukbokki and tempura places, there were a few stalls serving up some food I’d never seen on the street in Korea before. I was naturally intrigued, but with time pressing on and several pounds worth of raw seafood in the offing, I was unable to investigate further.

You don’t have to walk very far in Beijing’s hutongs to come across someone barbecuing Yang Rou Chuan and Ji Chi Chuan. These spicy lamb and chicken skewers lesbian porn are ubiquitous in the capital’s ancient neighbourhoods, and can usually be found sizzling on a grill in a blackened hole in the wall on any given street. And while it may be hard to miss them, it’s harder still not to sit down and order a dozen of each immediately.

Burrito from Habanero Taco Truck Seoul

I’ve been dying to write about a Taco Truck for ages. Last month I almost had my wish. El Camion is a Korean Taco joint Inspired by the Taco Truck scene in the US. It does a decent enough line of Korean inspired Tacos, but as a bricks gay porn and mortar establishment it doesn’t really count.