About Street Foodie

I am a 28 year old Slider Slinger and street food fiend currently lesbian videos digesting London.

To me, street food represents everything that is great about food. It's fun, cheap and unique, and has provided me with the best eating and traveling experiences of my life.

Now as well as writing about street food, I've decided to get in gay videos on the action myself. Since April 2011 my girlfriend Sarah and I have been making our own Kimchi Slider shaped contribution to the growing London street food scene under the name milf porn of Kimchi Cult.

It's early days, but so far we've been working harder, laughing louder, and learning more than we have done in years. We've also been all around London and met some very cool people while (hopefully) serving up some good-tasting, personal food to boot.

If you are interested in seeing lesbian porn how we get on, subscribe to milf videos the blog or follow us on twitter.

Alternatively come down to the gay porn stall some day and we'll tell you ALL about it!