Having spent two full years living and working in Korea, Sarah and I said our last anyang-hi-kye-se-yo on Monday night.

It had its ups and downs, but I can honestly say that moving to Korea was one of the best things we’ve done with our lives so far.

Not only did we get to meet loads of cool new people and fund an excellent four month trip around Asia – we were also able to take a good step back from our lives in the UK and discover (and save for!) what we want to do for the next few years.

For Sarah, that’s a Heritage studies postgraduate course at UCL. For me, it’s the chance to own and run my own street food stall.

No doubt the way forward will be tough, but with all the new friends we made and the new things we experienced I think that we are both better equipped for it.

Cheers Korea – I owe you a Hite.

4 Responses to Goodbye Korea!

  1. By Paul MacMahon - March 2, 2011

    Safe travels – I’m looking forward to visiting the stall when it’s up and running!

  2. By Street Foodie - March 3, 2011

    Thanks Paul, hopefully see you gay porn soon in London or back home!

  3. By Bea 'n' Bob - March 24, 2011

    Well impressed with your site lesbian videos and plans for the future! Would be interested to pick your brains about the Pittsburgh Perogy, its like a cross between a mandu and a cheese and onion pasty. claaaaaaassy. Good Luck!!

  4. By Street Foodie gay videos - April 1, 2011

    Thanks guys! And congratulations to you both regarding your new wee pal. Mandu + Cheese and Onion? I’m there! Seriously though, I want to do a big states trip sometime in the next few years so would love to come by if you’re still there.

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