I just thought I’d share some photos of the pat bing su stalls I came across in Busan last weekend for anyone with as strong a case of kitchen/catering equipment geekery as I do.

Each stall was kitted out with a wrought-iron ice shaver. The ice shavers were manually powered by a large wheel on one side and worked by rotating a firmly fixed block of ice against the edge of a razor. Each one was painted blue and embossed with birds to give it a really cool steampunk/Victorian feel to it.

After doing some digging (i.e. one search in google) I came across a Chinese company that sells them. They’re around 30 dollars a piece but unfortunately you need to order 160. I don’t suppose anyone wants to split it? How cool would these be for making milf porn cocktails!?

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  1. By annamatic - October 28, 2010

    Plus the shipping would probably cost a lot, considering those things are solid iron…
    Several years ago, I happened upon some Filipino restaurants on the same street as the ice shavers in Busan — are they still there? Did you get to try them?

  2. By byya@Traveller's Anatomy - November 12, lesbian videos 2010

    This shaver is exactly the same as what we have here in Malaysia to make ABC (Ais Batu Campur), a local dessert with generous pour of syrup and nuts on top :)

  3. By Street Foodie - November gay porn 15, 2010

    No I never did unfortunately! My only experience of Filipino food in Busan was at a place in Texas Street. I think it may have been a brothel though!

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