I just thought I’d share some photos of the pat bing su stalls I came across in Busan milf porn last weekend for anyone with as strong a case of kitchen/catering equipment geekery as I do.

Each stall was kitted out with a wrought-iron ice shaver. The ice shavers lesbian videos were manually powered by a large wheel on one side and worked by rotating a firmly fixed block of ice against the edge of a razor. Each one was painted blue and embossed with birds to give it a really cool steampunk/Victorian feel to it.

If I’m honest, I’ve never really been much of a man’s man. I have no interest in football for example, and not much of a competitive side (except gay porn when it comes to bowling.) There are some things, however, that turn me into a grunting, knuckle dragging Neanderthal in a heartbeat. One of these is barbecue meat.

On my last lesbian porn visit to Noryangjin Fish Market I noticed some interesting street food happenings in gay videos the area immediately beside Noryangjin station. Alongside the usual dukbokki and tempura places, there were a few stalls serving up some food I’d never seen on the street in Korea before. I was naturally intrigued, but with time pressing on and several pounds worth of raw seafood in the offing, I was unable to investigate further.