Burrito from Habanero Taco Truck Seoul

I’ve been dying to write about a Taco Truck for ages. Last month I almost had my wish. El Camion is a Korean Taco joint Inspired by gay porn the Taco Truck scene in the US. It does a decent enough line of Korean inspired Tacos, but as a bricks and mortar establishment it doesn’t really count.


There are many reasons why I think I’ll keep going back to China. One of those is the sheer vastness of the place – you could spend years traveling the length and breadth of the county and still feel like you’d only scratched the surface. Another reason is big bottles of Tsing Tao – this sino-german lager is one of my favorite beers and the perfect thing to slake your thirst on a hot Beijing night. Yet another reason I want China to remain part my life is Roujiamou.

Despite having been in Seoul for almost six m lesbian videos onths, last Tuesday was my first visit to Noryangjin Fish Market. Situated next to the shimmering 63 building in the South West of the city, Noryangjin is the best place in the city to get your hands on some fresh seafood at really good prices.

We’ve just got back from six days of stuffing ourselves in Beijing.

Although I’m admittedly biased, I found that a lot of the best food I ate there was street food. With the exception of a great Sichuan place, most of the bricks and mortar food we encountered was pretty sub-par. It tended to be either glowing with msg or arrived in such vast, mono-flavored portions that most plates were abandoned in despair not long after they arrived.