I’ve recently noticed a lot of street kebabs around Seoul, and although I love the idea, I’ve yet to find one I really like. Most seem quite light on meat, and the other day I got one with chopped pickle inside.

In a perfect world (or at least back home) kebabs involve riotous mountains of meat, stuffed into pita bread with a bit of token salad, then drenched with savory chilli sauce. Usually eaten when drunk, a good portion should fall on your clothes, and the kebab should account for at least half your hangover the next day.

If anyone has had one like that in Seoul please let me know! I eagerly await your advice.

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  1. By Mai@FlavorBoulevard - May 18, 2010

    It’s interesting. An American friend of mine recently said that Korean food (in the States) is mainly meat. Maybe everything just gets really meaty in the States?

  2. By Street Foodie - May 18, 2010

    I’d have to say this is definitely a country of carnivores! Alot of the restaurants here will specialise in a particular type of barbecue or grilled meat, and if you’re vegetarian there is no point even turning up! That said, alot of the side dishes and quite a few lunch-type dishes are meat free (probably due to the cost of meat traditionally) so veggies can get by. My mum is a vegetarian and she is coming to visit in September so I guess that’ll be the litmus test.

  3. By Mai@FlavorBoulevard - May gay videos 19, 2010

    What about tofu soups and the like? It seems to me that vegans would have a problem because most things have eggs in it, but I could be wrong. I haven’t had Korean food in Korea at all.

  4. By Street Foodie - May 25, 2010

    There are some really good tofu milf porn soups to be had – kimchi jigae would be one but stricter vegetarians might baulk at the presense of fish sauce in most kimchi.

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