Sarah discovered this Halva (a popular Middle Eastern sweet) outside Dongzhimen Subway Station in Beijing at rush hour. Dozens of Uighur men were selling massive blocks of it from the back of tricycles, and the lure of all that sugar proved too much for her sweet tooth to resist.

Resembling an over sized breakfast bar, the Halva consisted of masses of cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, goji berries gay videos and dried apricot – all held together with a luxurious honey cement and carved into bricks to order.

Soft, chewy and pliable to begin with, the Halva set like concrete over the next few milf porn days. The fear of losing a tooth, however, was nothing compared to the pleasure of biting off a hunk and chewing furiously until our mouths were full of sweet, nutty goodness. Sarah and I spent several happy days gnawing through our breeze block, then spent the rest of our time in China on an (ultimately fruitless) lookout for more.

Pure nuts.

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